Monday, August 8, 2011

Snippets of our Life!


Everyday life can be so CHALLENGING!  This is my way of trying to reduce the stress- well of everyday life and hopefully bring us together closer as a family.

John and I have been officially together for 5 months today!  So much has happened it seems like 5 years have gone by--seems like we have known each other forever---he has been great through it all though :)  Honestly, not sure how he has stuck in there but he has!  He works for TDCJ.  My youngest son is 6----he has definitely not made it easy on him!   The things that boy has said and done! SMH he would prefer it  just be me and him!  Thank goodness he is starting to be a little more accepting---he starts first grade this year and it is his first year of football (can't wait to blog that!).  He loves video games, loves to try to cook and he LOVES to eat!  He has started jogging in the evenings---trying to get in shape for football :)   Sean is 4'5" and weights a solid 100 guess he will be blocking somewhere on the football field!

As for me, looking forward to life with these 2!

Well power has been going out through out the town tonight!  Way to hot for that!  It is 10:16 pm cst and its 97 degrees.  Sean went for his run after the sun went down but he was still sweating but he insisted on going.  He is asleep right now, which is good considering if the power goes out we may have to go to Johns house or out to the car and turn on the ac.

8/5/2011  Well practice for all of the fall sports have started here.  It is so hot for them to be practicing!  My 3 year old niece had her first soccer practice yesterday!!!! It was the most adorable thing I have seen---she did so well, just like she knew what she was doing!  My sis had her all decked out, cleats and all.

Sean's football practice starts Monday!  He went running again last night, so proud of him for taking the initiative to go running every evening!  It will be interesting to see how he does at practice!


Tiger Cub

Tiger Cub


First day of practice


Mom making her peach cobbler.

Moms Peach Cobbler